March Boxes Are Here!

October boxes are ready...and yes, we are excited! Register today to receive your box without a delay. Our retailers are pumped and so are we, each box is full with over $50 worth of product(s)! What's in the box you ask? That's one secret we'll never tell, but you can click here for a hint.

No Car On Campus?
No Problem.

We deliver your dorm room essentials right to your dorm! (Why walk anywheres? ...or worse, pay for gas!) Every month receive anything from energy supplements to face-wash, all the while discovering new brands you'll fall in love with!

Find Your Fix.

Every month receive a different box tailored to on campus activities. From "tailgating" to snacking, LyfeBox has you covered. Including majority organic and all-natural products, feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle firsthand. Never forget your essential accessories and always be prepared for whatever event comes up.

We Are Affordable.

LyfeBox is only $35/month for college students and are sure to amaze you! LyfeBoxes follow a unique schedule (detailed here) to enhace your university experience. You're only a college student once (thank God!) so why not get the most out of it?

Sending boxes across the country!
Be the first at your school!

We love what we do... and apparently you do too! We are currently sending boxes to over 50 universities world wide! Be the first at your college to order LyfeBox. The university with the largest amount of subscribers receive a 15% discount on subscriptions. What are you waiting for? Get the word out!
LyfeBox offers convenience and affordability to all college students. Don't sacrafice personal hygiene for the college lifestyle, why not have both? LyfeBox is unique and designed to enhance your college experience. Every box is strategically filled with products that cater to the activities of that month. Don't get caught at the tailgate without your Southern Tide coozie or Vineyard Vines "croakies". We keep you up to date on the latest products you need to survive college.
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Discover New Products!

We are committed to sending our clients only the highest quality products available. Organic candies to exfoliating facewash we do not cut corners! Explore upcomings brands you've never heard of or stick to the classics! You hold all the power, we only hold the boxes.

LyfeBox is Designed Around You!

We offer scheduled college boxes that fit perfectly into the college lifestyle. (Exams coming up? Our November College Box is filled with energy supplements, highlighters, snacks and more!) If you NEED something in particular for the upcoming box (boxes arrive on the 10th of every month) just log into your client portal and let us know!

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